Termomeccanica Pompe’s Procurement Department’s objective is to foster a reliable sub-suppliers base able to guarantee customer satisfaction, i.e. respect the quality standards and contractual delivery dates agreed with its customers.

One of the key IT tools TMP’s Procurement Department uses to continuously improve the management of its relationship with sub-suppliers is the E-Procurement Portal.

The tool, interacting in real time with TMP’s ERP system through a web connection, proposes itself as the main interface for order management and documentation exchange between TMP and its suppliers.

TMP’s E-Procurement Portal main features are:
  • RFQs and POs management
  • Vendor Rating consultation (metrics related to repair costs, frequency of non-conformities, defects details and delivery performance)
  • General documentation management (exchanges in upload & download)
  • Notifications exchange through e-mailing system

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