The history of Termomeccanica is closely linked to the handling and transmission of medium and large masses of water. Today, thousands of TM.P. pumps are operating all over the world in hundreds of Irrigation, Land Reclamation, Potable Water and Water Treatment plants.

Having dedicated itself to product innovation and technological improvement, Termomeccanica pumps are, both from a design and a construction point of view, of unparalleled performance, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

For example, in 2005, Termomeccanica supplied, with the collaboration of a local partner,  the 26 concrete volute pumps of the World’s largest pumping scheme - the Saurashtra Branch Canal Pumping Scheme in the state of Gujarat – India. Such scheme consists of 5 pumping stations which have the capacity to pump 35 million cubic meters of water a day, serving over 4,500 towns and villages in drinking water and irrigating a total area of 5,400,00 hectares.  

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