Termomeccanica Pompe designs and manufactures integrated engineered pumps solutions for the Oil&Gas, Water Handling & Transmission, Desalination and Power Generation markets.

The solutions we develop and provide are tailored to meet our customers specific projects requirements and focus on supporting them in their constant search for a more reliable and efficient plant management.

Check out the dedicated sections on our complete Pump Range and main Oil&Gas, Water, Desalination and Energy pump services.

Oil & Gas

Termomeccanica offers a wide range of API 610 pumps in compliance with the most stringent technical specifications of the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors. The company’s pump range covers the most demanding services of the industry such as those related to refineries & petrochemical plants, oil pipelines, LNG and onshore & offshore water injection plants.


Water Handling

Termomeccanica pumps cover all main and auxiliary services in Irrigation, Land Reclamation, Potable Water and Water Treatment plants.


Termomeccanica pumps cover all process and water intake services related to the various desalination technologies such as MSF, MED and Reverse Osmosis.


Power Generation

Termomeccanica pumps cover all main and auxiliary services not only of the traditional & combined cycle power plants but also those of the geothermal and nuclear power plants.