Impiantistica Italiana Magazine September-October 2012

15 years after privatization, the commitment, professionalism and determination of both management and employees have led Termomeccanica to become a successful group. The financial viability of the Termomeccanica group allows to look to the future with optimism and places it in a favorable position to face its next development phase: consolidation of the core business and continuation in the internationalization process, already strong in the companies of the mechanical pole - TM.P and TM.C - that export over 80% of their production. Below is an article which goes over the main historical stages of the company and further focuses on its mechanical activities to this day. The article also contains an interview with Edoardo Garibotti, Managing Director of TM.P SpA Termomeccanica Pompe and member of the board of the groups holding company, Termomeccanica SpA. From: Impiantistica Italiana - Anno XXV N. 5 settembre-ottobre 2012