Termomeccanica Pompe entered the Indian market in the late 1960s and intensified its presence during the 1990s with the supply of pumps for the Power Generation and Water Transmission sectors, taking part to major projects such as Sardar Sarovar (Gujarat), the world’s largest pumping station.

TM.P. recently decided to set up a commercial office, TM.P. S.p.A. Termomeccanica Pompe - India Branch, to be located in Pune.

The aim of the branch is to allow TM.P. to take better advantage of the strategic opportunities the Indian market presents, not only in terms of engineered centrifugal pumps and screw compressors sale related to new projects but also in terms of procurement considering the significant local supplier base to source materials/ components from.

The new branch has been operational since the second semester of 2012.